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Meet Uroko

A Pet's Lifestyle App from Indonesia

Uroko is born to help you, Pet Parents, in taking care of your furry or scaly friends in your absence. We provide various kinds of pet services from all over Indonesia, accessible from the palm of your hands!

We are in the BETA stage at the moment and would love to hear your opinion! Interested in being part of the Uroko Family?

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What does Uroko do?

We exist for pet parents, pet businesses, pet communities, and of course the animal companions themselves.

Inter-city Pet Delivery

We make sure your pet arrives at your doorstep within 1x24hours

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Pet Adoption

Need a loyal friend? Discover numerous animal companions to take home with!

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Pet Auction

Bid against other players and get your hands on the best companion!

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Pet Hotel Booking

Thinking of going out of town? Discover many amazing deals on our pet hotels!

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Pet Salon Booking

Schedule your next grooming session with your favourite pet salon or spa in your area.

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How Uroko Started

We see that both old and new pet owners usually struggle to figure out how to take care of their pets. Additionally, they are reluctant to leave their companion in the hands of strangers due to the lack of trust. This is why Uroko is looking to bridge that trust with the help of technology.

What is Uroko?

"Uroko" or 鱗 means scale (of fish, snake, etc.) in Japanese. It is chosen because both of Uroko's founders are reptile enthusiasts. The other reason is because "scale" (of animals) are homonymous with "scale" (to grow) in English.

Dari Kita untuk Mereka

Our mission is to make the world a better place for animals within our reach.

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